Keyword Helper For Etsy

Looking for new keyword ideas to use in your listing? Here’s a tool that gathers the queries from the search analytics page, and sorts them to show you the keywords that best match your listing. You can then select from these keywords to improve your listing title or tags.

  • Get keyword ideas from actual search queries entered by shoppers.

  • These are search queries that actually bring impressions to your listings.

  • Find the closest matching search query keywords for any of your listings.

The Keyword Helper For Etsy browser extension is an SEO tool for your products. It helps you to easily gather the keywords used in search queries, from the search analytics page of your seller account. These are searches on the Etsy website that resulted in actual impressions for your listings. Once you’ve saved enough queries, you can use the extension to compare them to the titles and descriptions of any listing. The extension will show you the best matching query keywords, for that listing. After that you can select and copy the keywords of your choice to use in your listing title or tags.


You can install the extension into your browser using one of the following links. Once installed you will see its icon in the upper right hand side of the browser window. Clicking on the icon will open its popup panel.

License key

The extension requires a license key which is the user key for your membership account (with the correct membership level). You can copy it from the User Key page of your account, and enter it through the “License Key” tab of the popup panel.

Quick start guide

To collect search queries, open up the search analytics page of your seller account. The extension will automatically save any queries that are displayed on that page.

Click on the button for the next page of search queries. You can display and save as many search queries as you wish.

When you have saved enough queries, open the listing edit page for one of your listings. This is the page that you would use to edit the listing. Click on the extension icon to open the popup panel and you should see a table with the best matching query keywords for that listing, with the best matches at the top. You can do this for as many listings as you like.
Use the “Include title” and “Include description” checkboxes to include or exclude the listing title or description when comparing the queries to the listing. Changing these settings may change the order of the keywords that are displayed.
Use the “Select” checkboxes to choose the keywords that you wish to copy. All selected query keywords will be displayed in the “Selected Keywords” area near the bottom of the panel. You can then copy and use them in your listing title or tags.
Use the “Reset Queries” button if you want to clear the saved queries and start over. After clicking on this button you’ll need to reload the search analytics page.

Additional usage tips

When collecting queries on the search analytics page, click on “Impressions” and sort by higher impressions at the top. This will allow you to collect queries starting with those that have the most impressions. You can also sort by “Position” if you so choose. Click on the navigation buttons after the table to display a new batch of search queries. Each time you do this you will be adding new queries to those already saved.
When selecting keywords to copy in the browser extension, the “Length” column can be used to determine if the length of the keywords exceeds the maximum length for listing tags. The “Impressions” and “Position” columns can be used to choose only those keywords that get enough impressions, or that show your listings at positions which are easily visible to buyers.