Statements Processor For Etsy Introduction

Tired trying to figure out the total sales and fees in your seller’s account? Had enough of wrestling with those CSV files? Well then the Statements Processor For Etsy is just what you need.

This statements processor takes your downloaded monthly CSV statements and calculates a summary of all the income and expenses for your seller account. You get a summary for each month as well as combined totals for all the months that you use as inputs. It also allows you to download a CSV of the summary which you can then use in your spreadsheets. And you can do all this with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Go to Statements Processor For Etsy.  You will need to be logged in.

Description Of Columns

Apart from totals of the different amounts given in the statement CSV files, the statement processor also calculates other useful columns to make your book-keeping easier. A description of the summary columns is given below.
“Filename”: The name for the statement CSV file.
“Customer Amounts”: The actual amounts paid by the customers (this includes taxes).
“VAT”: Calculated as the Customer Amounts minus Sales.
“Sales”: The amount you made from product sales.
“Payment Processing Fees”: The payment processing fees.
“Listing Fees”: The listing fees.
“Transaction Fees”: The transaction fees.
“Marketing Fees”: Marketing fees for advertising.
“Shipping Label Fees”: Fees paid for shipping labels.
“Tax”: Other taxes.
“Refunds”: Refunds given.
“Fee Refunds”: Fees that have been refunded.
“Payments”: Payments made by you.
“Deposits”: Deposits into your bank account.
“Total Fees”: Calculated as the sum of Payment Processing Fees, Listing Fees, Transaction Fees, Marketing Fees, Shipping Label Fees, Tax.
“Fees Minus Fee Refunds”: Calculated as Total Fees minus Fee Refunds.
“Sales Minus Refunds”: Calculated as Sales minus Refunds.

Usage Instructions

First make sure that you have downloaded the monthly statement CSV files from your seller account.
Once the page for the statements processor has finished loading in your browser you should see a “SELECT STATEMENT FILES” button. Click on this button to bring up a file selector and select one or more files that you are interested in. You can select and upload files more than once. Your selected files will be added to the summary and the summary amounts calculated.
If you make a mistake, you can refresh the page or use the “RESET” button to start over.
When you are finished uploading you can then download the summary as a CSV file using the “DOWNLOAD CSV” button.

Go to Statements Processor For Etsy.  You will need to be logged in.

The term “Etsy” is a trademark of Etsy, Inc.  This application is not endorsed by Etsy.