Using Keywords From The Etsy Search Analytics Page

Looking for relevant keywords that you can use in the titles and tags of your Etsy listings? Here’s a way to do just that. Using this method you can find keywords that are not only relevant but tailor-made for your shop.

Why the search analytics page?

The search analytics page is accessible through your seller account dashboard, and lists the search queries that are most relevant for your listings. Each query represents a search done by a user on the website. But these are not just any random queries, these are queries for which at least one of your listings was included in the search results. This is how a shopper can actually find your listings through search.

The table of queries shown on the search analytics page lists the query keywords, the number of impressions, the position, the number of visits etc, for each query. We’ll just focus on the number of impressions and the position here.
The “Impressions” column gives the number of times that your listings were included in the search results for that search query. This number gives you an idea of the amount of traffic that is possible, to your shop. A larger number would obviously be better.
The “Position” column gives you the average ranking of your listings that were included in the search results. This number gives you an idea of how likely it is for a buyer to find your listing within the search results. A position of 1 would mean that your listing shows up at the top of the search results.

Getting keywords for your listings

Unless you’ve already combed through the search analytics page, chances are that you’ll find keywords that you’ve overlooked or were not aware of.
To find keywords suitable for a particular product listing, go through each search query and compare it to the words in the title or description.
In order to get the best keywords you can order the search queries by clicking on “Impressions” or “Position”. This will sort by number of impressions or the position. In this way you can see the keywords that have the most traffic potential, or those that are the highest in the search rankings, for your shop.
Copy the query keywords that you think are a good match for your listing, and add them to your title or tags. Of course you’ll have to make sure that the keywords used for the tags are within the size limit. Note that you can list many pages of queries, which you can go through using the numbered page buttons below the table.
If it’s too inconvenient for you to do this manually then try out the Keyword Helper For Etsy. It’s a browser extension that can automate most of the what has been described here.