View Filter For Etsy

Take control of which product listings you see on the Etsy website with this web browser extension! Filter out the listings that you consider to be irrelevant or inappropriate. Find listings that you are interested in much more quickly, and save yourself some time and aggravation.

  • Hide irrelevant or inappropriate product listings.

  • Hide listings from shops that you are not interested in.

  • Quickly see the position of a listing in search results.

  • Quickly find listings that have a “bestseller” badge or that are on sale.

  • Easily find listings from a particular shop in the search results or in someone’s favourite listings.

View Filter For Etsy is a web browser extension that allows you to filter the product listings shown to you on the Etsy website. Listings that would normally be shown to you on any page of the website are put through a filter and only those that make it through the filter are displayed. This allows you to filter out listings that you would find inappropriate or just not relevant to your needs. It is also a great tool for finding specific listings out of the many that are shown in search results or favourites.
Filtering is done based on the text that is associated with each listing. There are two items of text that this filter works with. The first text item to filter on, is the tooltip text which is displayed whenever you hover your mouse pointer over a particular listing. This text is usually the listing title. The second text item (we’ll call it “other text”) is the text that might be shown underneath the picture of each listing, depending on what page you are on. This can be comprised of the shop name, price, title (even if not fully displayed), the bestseller badge, the availability etc.
You can specify words or phrases that must not be present in the tooltip text or in the other text. Listings that contain any of these phrases will be filtered out. Similarly you can also specify words or phrases that must be included in the tooltip or other text. Listings that do not include all of these phrases will then be filtered out.


You can install the extension into your browser using one of the following links. Once installed you will see its icon in the upper right hand side of the browser window. Clicking on the icon will open its popup panel.

License key

The extension requires a license key which is the user key for your membership account (with the correct membership level). You can copy it from the User Key page of your account, and enter it through the “License” tab of the popup panel.

Quick start guide

Click on the icon for the extension to bring up the popup panel with the “Settings” tab showing.
Make sure that “Enable filter” and “Remove filtered” checkboxes are unchecked.
On the Etsy website do a search for “wedding rings”. This should bring up a variety of wedding rings as the results.
Now check the “Enable filter” checkbox. In the “Must not have” section check the “Enable” checkbox. Enter the word “silver” in the “Must not have” text area. Uncheck the “Enable” checkbox in the “Must have” section. Finally click the “Apply” button. Any listing that has the word silver in it’s tooltip text or in the text below the photo will have been removed from view, leaving a gap where the listing was originally.
To remove these gaps, open the popup panel and check the “Remove filtered” checkbox, then click on “Apply”. The gaps should now be filled by listings that have been moved up in position.

Usage suggestions

Filtering out irrelevant or inappropriate listings

Let’s suppose that you do a search for “day planner”. You may find that some of the listings shown to you are printable day planners. If you are not interested in printables then simply enter the word “printable” in the “Must not have” section, and check the “Enable” checkbox, and click on the “Apply” button.

Filtering out listings from a particular shop

If you are not interested in listings from a particular shop being shown in your search results, then enter the name of the shop in the “Must not have” section, and check the “Enable”  checkbox.  Then click the “Apply” button.

Finding listings from your shop

If you want to find listings from your shop in the search results or in someone’s favourites, then simply enter the shop name in the “Must have” section, check the “Enable” checkbox, and click the “Apply” button. Note that a listing which is not from that shop may still be displayed if the shop name happens to be in it’s text.

Looking for the search result position of a specific listing

Let’s suppose that you would like to determine the position of a listing titled “Digital planner binder rings rainbow colored with shadow, in png format” by the shop named “MyCoolShop”. Simply enter some reasonably unique part of the title into the “Must have” section, along with the shop name separated with a comma. In this case, enter the text “digital planner binder rings rainbow colored, mycoolshop” in the “Must have” section and check the “Enable” checkbox, then click the  “Apply” button.

Looking for listings that have the bestseller badge

To show only those listings that have a bestseller badge, enter the word “bestseller” into the “Must have” section, and enable it, then click the “Apply” button. In the same way you can filter by listings that are on sale by using the text “% off” to do the filtering.

Interface description

Once installed you should see the icon for the browser extension, usually near the top right side of the browser window.
Click on the icon to bring up the popup for the extension. You can dismiss the popup by clicking anywhere else within the browser.
When the popup is displayed you should see two tab buttons near the top area of the popup. These buttons are used to select between the settings tab and the license tab.
When the “Settings” tab is selected you should see some checkboxes and text areas that are used to specify your filter settings.
The “Enable filter” checkbox turns the filtering on and off.
The “Remove filtered” checkbox is used to eliminate the empty space left over from filtered listings when possible. This largely depends on how the listings have been displayed on that particular page. It works best on a search results page and allows you to see all the non-filtered listings without empty spaces between them.
The “Must not have” section is used to enter the words or phrases that a listing must not contain, in order to be visible. Words or phrases must be separated by commas. The text that will be checked is the tooltip text and any other text associated with the picture of the listing. Comma(,) characters in the tooltip and other text are converted to spaces before the filtering is applied. Capitalization does not matter. There is a limit of 5 words or phrases that will be applied for filtering. This limit is removed after a valid license key has been entered in the license tab.
The “Must have” section is used in the same way as the “Must not have” section. In this case all the words or phrases entered must be included in the tooltip or other text of the listing, otherwise it will not be shown. This section is only available when a valid license key has been entered in the license tab.
The “Apply” button near the bottom of the popup is used to apply the latest filter settings after you have edited them.
To enter a new license key or view the license details click on the “License” tab button. This should bring up the license details tab.
In order to enter a new license key click on the “Change” button. You will be presented with a text box to enter the key. Copy and paste the license key into the text box and click on “Save”. The server will be contacted to check the validity of the license key and it will be then be saved. Note that this can take several seconds.

The user key may be be used as a license key.

Some notes regarding the text for filtering

The text in the “Must not have” and “Must have” sections expect commas as delimiters. So each word or phrase should be separated from the next by a comma.
Capitalization is ignored.
Any commas found in the tooltip or other text of the listing will be replaced by spaces for purposes of matching with the filter phrases. Single or multiple whitespace characters will be replaced with a single space.
Partial words can be matched, so the word “gold” can match with “gold” or “golden”.
You can use multiword phrases to be more specific, such as “digital binder ring” instead of “binder ring”.
Filtering on the other text can be done based on the shop name, the title when it is included, and strings such “% off”, “available”, and “bestseller”.

Free vs paid features

You can use the free features of the browser extension without a license key, to filter out listings based on the “Must not have” phrases, using a maximum of 5 phrases.
Members with the appropriate level of membership can use their user key as a valid license key, which will unlock premium features. This includes removal of the 5 phrase limit and the use of “Must have” phrases in filtering.

The term “Etsy” is a trademark of Etsy, Inc.  This application is not endorsed by Etsy.